CBT Therapy


Lauren gave me the tools, support and time to take control of my life and mental health after I spiralled into depression. 

I honestly didn’t think anyone could fix my mind, after my years of suffering from anxiety and depression and many visits to various therapists, but Lauren has. I’m so glad I braved that first visit to her! Talking to her wasn’t as terrifying, or embarrassing, as I thought it would be…

Lauren was friendly and understanding. She really listened to me, then helped me identify and solve my problems. She challenged me to take small steps that have added up to make a huge difference to me (and my long suffering friends, family and partner!), trusting me and holding me accountable in a way I just couldn’t do myself at the time. 

Through our conversations I’ve rediscovered what matters to me, identified my personal values and learned how I can live in a way that fits in with them. I’ve become more assertive with others and kinder to myself. I finally have my confidence back; albeit occasionally, but reasonably, faltering (yes, I’ve learnt that the odd wobble is normal and okay too). I don’t get stuck with my low mood: I acknowledge it, manage it and avoid the dip into depression. I genuinely feel like I’ve learnt how to manage my low mood/depression for life with what she’s taught me.

I didn’t think therapy would work for me – it has. Thank you. 


Panic Disorder

“Just a note to say thank you very much! My life has changed so much thanks to your help and support.

I hadn’t realised how much ‘panic’ had affected my life until now- when it has gone.

I couldn’t have done it without you.”



“It’s been a tough journey for me but with the help you have given me I’m now able to take control of the ocd and realise it was all just ocd so thankyou for that and helping me get better “.



“Lauren has been my clinical supervisor since 2016. I approached her for supervision after having previously been one of her university students, and therefore already aware of her extensive CBT knowledge and skills.

Lauren provides an exceptional standard of supervision. She has expert academic knowledge and in-depth theoretical understanding of the treatment protocols. This is coupled with her extensive and highly-skilled clinical experience.

She has provided expert guidance and mentoring in helping me to develop my clinical practice. She has a professional and empathic manner which is encouraging, highly supportive, and understanding of a variety of clinical practice settings. Not only does she offer excellent clinical guidance and coaching, but is also aware of, and attends to, the wider emotional considerations of the therapeutic role. I can’t recommend her as a supervisor highly enough.” 

Phil R.


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