All CBT therapists are bound by their professional code of conduct regarding confidentiality. In general, I will only share information about our work in clinical supervision, and your details will be kept anonymous (please see below). I will only share information with others if either your notes are subpoenaed by a court of law or there is a concern that you might pose a risk of harm to yourself or others. In this instance I may have to contact statutory services.

Clinical supervision

All CBT therapists are required to have clinical supervision to ensure that they provide the best possible care to their clients. This is a meeting with another accredited therapist in which we can discuss therapy related issues. If I need to discuss anything regarding your treatment in clinical supervision, I will only use your initials and will not disclose any information which could identify you. Please note that clinical supervisors are bound by the same rules of confidentiality outlined above.

Communication with External Agencies

If you have been referred by an insurer or other healthcare organisation, they will usually request a summary of the work we do together. We can discuss what and how much information is disclosed, and you will be given an opportunity to make amendments before any letter/report is sent.

Some people like me to inform their GP that they are receiving CBT treatment and to send a discharge letter at the end of therapy. Discharge letters provide a brief overview of the work we have done. This service is free of charge.

Data protection & GDPR

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Lauren Coombs CBT LTD. is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation. Before we begin therapy I will provide you with a detailed handout explaining how your information is collected, stored and shared.

This website

For information about data protection and this website please see our Privacy Notice.





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